Tech Neck

"Tech Neck" Is the Chiropractic Condition that You Can See Everywhere

Take a look around your office. Or take a glance at the crowd while you are standing in line at the coffee shop. Even just walking down the street you will see the origins of arm pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff pain, and general muscle tension in the way people hold their phones and digital devices.

Americans spend an average of 6 hours a day with digital media. Of that time, an average of 3.5 hours is spent on mobile phones. The stress of holding your neck too still over a long period of time while your eyes are glued to your phone or you are using the computer too long results in muscle spasms, headaches, and tight shoulders.  The more you look down, the more work your neck muscles have to do to hold your neck up. And the problem is only made worse by sitting up straight while you're on your phone or using the computer too much. Dr. Gary Martin Irvine Chiropractor wants you to know what tech neck is and how we can treat it at our office.

Tech Neck Pain Relief in Irvine

An Ergonomic Chair May Reduce Arm Pain, Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Pain, and More

The idea that we need to sit up straight is drilled into us from childhood. Everybody knows we all need good posture. But it turns out that the posture that makes a difference when we are at the computer or on the phone isn't lining your spine straight against the back of a straight chair. When you keep your spine at a 90-degree angle to the floor, the muscles in your neck have to work overtime to hold up your head, hunching forward at a 15-degree angle places 27 pounds of pressure on your neck muscles. Holding your head at a downward 45-degree angle places is like wearing a turban that weighs 49 pounds. Holding your head at 60-degree downward angle places 60 pounds of pressure on your neck! 

What you need to do when you are at your computer or when you are using your phone is to have the proper ergonomic chair. You need to put the weight of your upper body into the chair, not onto your neck. Your spine sees a lot less force, and your neck muscles will experience a lot less tension. But if you don't, tight muscles put pressure on your disks so that they eventually rupture. This results in numbness, weakness, and pain. These symptoms require professional intervention.

See Your Chiropractor in Irvine About Tech Neck

When the symptoms of tech neck have you in serious need of stress relief, when you are in pain from using the computer too much, the last person you need to see is an orthopedic surgeon. What you need are chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and ergonomic alterations to your posture provided by your chiropractor in Irvine, Dr. Gary Martin. Call Dr. Martin today at (949) 559-7999!


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