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I have been seeing Dr. Martin for several years for chiropractic wellness care. Over this period of time, I have become more active, playing basketball and tennis, and I only have occasional minor neck tension, which I attribute to stress. When this happens, I get adjusted by Dr. Martin, which reduces that stress. Chiropractic care is a wonderful non-medicinal solution for most of my health issues. An orthopedic specialist once told me that I needed shoulder surgery due to a rotator cuff problem. Instead of doing that, I had one of Dr. Martin's massage therapists work on it and have not had any issues since. Chiropractic has consistently taken care of my occasional neck and back aches, and I never need to see a medical doctor for any medications. My wife and kids also get adjusted by Dr. Martin, and they're as healthy as ever. He has become a trusted doctor and friend, and his team is always friendly, responsive and respectful.

- Robert Beaver, Costa Mesa


I had back pain for the last 12 years- the pain and stiffness would come and go, my muscles would tense up and make me so stiff that I was only able to move my body like that C3PO robot guy from Star Wars.  Most of the time when I pulled out my back, I would just "ride it out" - and wait the few days until it simmered down and "felt better." But even when the pain was gone, a degree of the stiffness always remained. Then the pain got so bad that my wife referred me to see Dr. Martin.  He listened carefully and did a thorough exam to find out the cause of my neck and back problem.  He told me how he would make it better, but that it was going to take some time because true healing isn't always an instantaneous occurrence.  After only 2 weeks of treatment, my back was feeling the best it has felt in a long time! I was able to function much like I could in my late teens and early twenties. I felt great and I knew it was a result of Dr. Martin's chiropractic care.  Dr. Martin said, "Just wait, it gets even better."- and he's right!  I thought, if I felt this good now, I wonder how good will I feel in the next 30 days and beyond if I continue to get adjusted regularly!  If you are considering chiropractic care, you are making the right move. A lot of other medical treatments I tried only gave me temporary relief- they were just masking the problem and hiding it. Chiropractic care has made a significant impact on my health and well being.

- Joe Haley, Irvine


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