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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

The sacroiliac joint is located in the lower part of the spine and connects the spine to the hips. It's estimated that the sacroiliac joint is responsible for up to 30% of all cases of lower back and leg pain. There are many potential causes of sacroiliac joint pain, but it's possible to get pain relief with the help of a chiropractor. Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor, can address your pain directly and create a treatment plan to heal your joint pain at its source and improve your range of motion. Here's a look at the sacroiliac joint and how chiropractic treatment helps. 


Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joint is located in your pelvic region and connects the spine to the hips. It has points of contact with the sacrum and iliac crests, hence the name sacroiliac joint. It functions as a shock absorber for the upper body, legs, and pelvis. 

Like all other joints in the body, the sacroiliac joint has synovial fluid that cushions the joint and prevents it from coming into contact with the surrounding bones. Damage to the synovial fluid, cartilage, or ligaments that support the joint results in a chronic pain condition. Inflammation in the pelvic region can alter the joint’s range of motion, causing pain.

Young and middle-aged women are the most likely to suffer from sacroiliac joint pain. Pregnant and post-partum women are also more likely to have this type of joint pain due to the pressures of pregnancy. People with gait issues, people recovering from lower back surgery, and people who put repeated pressure on the joint during daily activity are the most likely to experience sacroiliac joint pain. 

Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is generally very effective in relieving joint pain. For relieving sacroiliac joint pain, our chiropractor performs a special adjustment to return the joint to proper alignment. This adjustment is typically followed by a loud popping sound. Some patients may not tolerate the sound and will require a gentler version of the treatment. Following this adjustment, most patients report an immediate reduction in pain and improvement in range of motion.

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