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Scoliosis is a condition that is characterized by a sideways curvature of the spine. In most cases the cause is unknown. If you or someone you know is seeking scoliosis pain management without the use of invasive procedures, contact our chiropractor in Irvine, Dr. Gary Martin.  Through chiropractor care, he can provide back pain treatment for scoliosis.


Who is At Risk of Developing Scoliosis?

While anyone can develop scoliosis, certain factors can put a person at a higher risk of developing the condition.

  • Age: In most cases, the symptoms can begin right before puberty, during the growth spurt.
  • Sex: Mild scoliosis can develop in both boys and girls, however, girls are at greater risk for severe scoliosis, which would require treatment.
  • Family history: Scoliosis often runs in families.

What Are the Symptoms of Scoliosis?

The symptoms of scoliosis can range from mild to severe. They include:

  • When standing up straight, one of your shoulders will visibly be more prominent and uneven
  • One hip appears higher than the other due to the curvature in the spine
  • Waist and torso appearing uneven

What Is Degenerative Adult Scoliosis?

Degenerative adult scoliosis, also known as adult De Novo, occurs when the spine deteriorates as the person ages. It can also be a complication of osteoporosis, particularly in women. The most common symptom of this type of scoliosis is lower back pain. Over time, the curve can put pressure on the nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, and pain in the lower extremities. In severe cases, loss of mobility and coordination can occur.

How Is Scoliosis Treated?

If you had scoliosis as a child or you have degenerative adult scoliosis, our chiropractor in Irvine can provide treatment to your back pain with our chiropractic services. Our chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment that may help improve mobility in the spine. The adjustment can also decrease your back pain and improve your posture. Our chiropractor may include corrective exercises in your scoliosis pain management plan. These treatments can help relieve tension caused by scoliosis and improve your quality of life.

If you have scoliosis, you can benefit from our chiropractic care services at Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor. Our chiropractor in Irvine can create a scoliosis pain management treatment plan, which can reduce your back pain and the severity of your other symptoms. Call our chiropractic office at (949) 559-7999 to schedule an appointment.


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