Rehabilitation Exercise

Rehabilitative Exercises Play an Important Role in Detoxification And Healing

Rehabilitation Exercise

If you have ever been told that the best way to keep your body moving is to exercise, you should take it to heart. But it is often difficult for people who are dealing with chronic pain to think about exercising. People who are in pain don’t want to move, because they don’t want to experience pain. Here at Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor, our team understands the psychology of pain, and we have the training and the skills that are necessary to help get you up and moving again with chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation exercises.

A Winning Combination

Our chiropractor often combines chiropractic treatment modalities and rehabilitation exercises to help the body with its healing and detoxification process. When the body is not allowed to properly release its toxins, a number of things can occur which can impede the healing process. One of the damaging effects associated with the storage of toxins in the body is inflammation. Swelling causes pain, and it can exacerbate the symptoms associated with other illnesses. Inflammation can also become the root cause of the development of other disease processes. Rehabilitation exercises not only help to keep the ligaments and muscles limber and loose, but they also keep the body moving so gas and other toxins can be released.

Rehabilitation Exercises for Healing

It is important to understand that the healing process takes time. Most people don’t realize that even minor injuries can take well over a year to heal. During that time, you need to engage in some sort of exercise regimen to ensure the muscles continue to work properly to avoid atrophy. Rehabilitation therapy also helps the body better deal with the regular activities associated with daily life.

Good for a Number of Conditions

People who have any type of muscle imbalance are good candidates for rehabilitation exercise therapies. People who have chronic back and neck pain are also good candidates for rehabilitative exercise therapy because they help to strengthen the body’s core, which helps to support the spinal column and the back. Strong core muscles also help to build back muscles and release tension and pressure off of the discs and other elements of the spine.

We Are Here To Help

Dealing with chronic pain can affect you physically, psychologically and emotionally. Rehabilitation exercises can not only help you deal with your pain, but they can also help you avoid future injuries. Our staff at Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor, can evaluate you and develop an individualized treatment plan based on his findings and your specific needs. To learn more about how our therapies can help you can call us at (949) 559-7999


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