Disc Herniation

Bulging and herniated discs are common back injuries. Both conditions are painful, and can take a long time to heal if they are not properly treated by a chiropractor. Dr. Gary Martin, our Irvine chiropractor, has decades of experience helping patients heal from disc injuries. 

Disc Herniation/ Bulging Disc

order to understand how disc injuries occur, it's important to first
understand how the spinal discs work. In between each vertebra in the
back is a small, soft cushion, known as a disc. This disc is filled
with soft goo surrounded by a tough exterior. As movement occurs, the
discs cushion the vertebrae, stopping bones from rubbing together and
causing pain.

If you're experiencing back pain, you may be wondering if you've injured a disc. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell for sure. There's no one test to find out whether you're dealing with a bulging or herniated disc. Some people experience bulging and herniated discs as a normal part of the aging process. Over time, the tough exterior of the disc can break down. When the soft material on the inside of the disc pushes on the tough exterior, it can cause a bulge. If the soft material actually escapes the tough exterior, it is known as a herniated disc. 

Disc Injury Symptoms


Causes of Disc Injury

While both types of disc injuries can be painful, a herniated disc typically causes more serious symptoms. Symptoms of disc injury include pain near the disc that may radiate to other parts of the body. You may also experience muscle soreness and tension as your body attempts to make up for the injury by moving in unusual ways. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Disc Herniation

When you come to our Irvine office for your first appointment with our chiropractor, you'll discuss your symptoms and potential causes of your injury. Our chiropractor will examine your spine to look for signs of a disc problem. From there, you'll work together to develop a treatment plan. Most people find success with a combination of different treatments, including spinal adjustment, corrective exercise, and lifestyle changes. Chiropractic treatment works with your body's ability to heal itself. We believe in treating the root cause of your problem, rather than just treating symptoms. 

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If you think you may have a herniated or bulging Disc, it's important that you get treatment for your back pain as soon as possible. Call Dr. Gary Martin, our Irvine chiropractor, at 949-559-7999, to schedule your first appointment today. 


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