Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Treatment From Your Chiropractor In Irvine, CA

Pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands and arms are all signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our Irvine chiropractor sees an increasing number of patients with this disorder due to the growing popularity of computers, smartphones, and other electronic tools. Relief is possible with the natural therapies utilized at Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor.


Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome creates problems with the use of the affected hand. It develops when the median nerve undergoes excessive pressure. This nerve runs into each respective hand through the carpal tunnel, which is a passageway in the wrist. It commands movement and feeling in the associated thumb as well as movement of all fingers except the smallest finger.

Several factors can cause pressure in the median nerve. The most common are swelling that precedes carpal tunnel narrowing, median nerve inflammation, and wrist injury from repetitive motions.

The typical symptom of this ailment is the gradual appearance of pain, tingling, numbness, or burning in the hands or arms. In some cases, symptoms prevent sufferers from performing everyday activities such as getting dressed. 

Healthcare professionals have identified several risk factors for this disorder, which includes:

  • Trauma
  • Using devices that vibrate
  • Pregnancy
  • Performing motions that twist the hand and the wrist
  • Being female
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Excessive body weight

Most of our patients notice carpal tunnel symptoms at night, a time when many people sleep with their wrists bent. 

Treatment from Our Chiropractor

Our Irvine chiropractor stresses that early diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome result in the most effective relief. At your initial appointment, you will undergo a comprehensive exam and an evaluation of your complaints and health history.  X-rays or other imaging might be appropriate to make a diagnosis.

In generating a customized treatment plan, our practice identifies the cause of the condition instead of only treating its symptoms. We rely on natural treatments that avoid surgery and medication.

Our core therapy is performing chiropractic adjustments to reverse any wrist, arm, or spinal misalignments. Both wrist icing and splinting benefit some patients. We also offer advice about helpful lifestyle and ergonomic changes.

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Relief is possible when you seek carpal tunnel treatment right away. At Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor, we focus on rapid pain relief and helping individuals in the Irvine area maintain optimal wellness for the rest of their lives. To find out how chiropractic care can make a difference in your life, be sure to call us today at (949) 559-7999 to schedule a consultation.


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