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The Best Treatment Protocol to Protect Yourself from COVID-19


The best treatment protocol to protect yourself from COVID-19 (or other viruses)….

You won’t hear this from the media, and you won’t hear it from your MD:

We don’t need a vaccine or a miracle cure.

You just need to get back to the basics:

- Drink lots of purified water every day (at least ½ your body weight, in ounces)
- Stop eating low nutrient foods with processed ingredients and sugar
- Eat more organic vegetables and grass-fed meats.

- Drink juiced fruits/vegetables every once in awhile.
- Exercise your body to a sweat daily.
- Boost your immune system by taking specific whole food supplements.- Stop taking over the counter pain relief medications.
- Get adjusted regularly by your chiropractor.

At Dr. Martin's Irvine chiropractic office, Dr. Gary Martin can advise you on the best organic whole food supplements available through Standard Process, the oldest natural nutritional supplement company in the US.  Call now to schedule a convenient appointment with DocMartin at (949) 559-7999.  He's got your back!


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