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How to Catch the Coronavirus:

How to Catch the Coronavirus:

Eat a poor diet. Make sure your body lacks the building blocks (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients, etc) that are needed for optimal health and wellness.

Don’t take quality nutritional supplements. Ignore the benefits of increasing the integrity of your immune system by taking anti-viral supplements.

Avoid adequate rest. Stay up late and rely on coffee or energy drinks “as needed” to keep you alert.

Become dehydrated. Reduce the effectiveness of your natural defense mechanisms by not drinking enough purified water.

Stop exercising. Reduce the efficiency of your joints, muscles and lymphatic systems, all which work together to circulate the body’s natural germ-fighting body fluids.

Rarely wash your hands. Use your dirty hands and fingers when you eat, rub your eyes, touch/pick your nose or wipe your lips.

Think negative thoughts. Worry that you'll be a victim. Closely monitor news reports about outbreaks, fearing a pandemic.

Skip your regular chiropractic adjustments. Handicap your nervous system, the master system that controls your entire body. Wait until symptoms are present before doing anything.

The only way to catch anything is to make yourself a hospitable host!

Dr. Gary Martin has a, Irvine chiropractic center that can help you avoid the chance of getting coronavirus, and many other health conditions.  He offers the highest quality nutritional supplements designed to boost your immune system.


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