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Shooting Pains

Shooting Pains From Sciatica?  Learn How A Chiropractor Can Help

            If you suffer from sciatica, you know what "shooting pains" are all about.  The sometimes excruciating pain of sciatica frequently affects the hip, thigh, and back of the leg.  The ankle and foot are sometimes affected, too.  But often that's not where the problem is.

             The sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body extends from the lower spine to the back of the thigh and knee, then it divides.  One nerve goes down the front of the leg and the other goes down the back of the leg.

            It's the inflammation of the sciatic nerve that causes the pain.  This can be triggered by an irritated nerve root.  What causes the irritation?  The cause may be traced to misalignment of the spinal column that's putting abnormal pressure on the roots of the sciatic nerves as they pass between the vertebrae.

            Through x-rays and other procedures, Dr. Gary Martin, a chiropractor in Irvine can locate the misaligned vertebrae.  Using a gentle adjustment, he can align it properly to help eliminate the cause and provide pain relief from sciatica.


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