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Chiropractic Care and the Immune System

Chiropractic health care is about much more than getting rid of lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and muscle strains. Chiropractic treatment is highly effective for all these conditions, and yet there are so many more subtle benefits.

Of course chiropractic adjustments help problems with the bones, joints, and muscles. This is accurate, at the first level of effectiveness. At deeper physiologic levels, chiropractic treatment helps normalize the activities of the nervous system such as the free flow of information back and forth between your body and your brain.

Balancing the activities and functions of the nervous system helps all the body systems work better, including the immune system. The cells of the immune system need to be able to immediately recognize foreign invaders - germs and other microbes - and mount an instantaneous response.  A sluggish nerve system slows down the immune response and as a result you're more susceptible to illness.

So particularly in winter, when there's more to deal with in terms of germs and disease, a strong immune system is very important. Dr. Gary Martin’s chiropractic care helps ensure the optimal functioning of your immune system and its disease-fighting cells. Contact our Irvine chiropractor today!


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