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Auto Accident Injury Treatment

 Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor

An auto accident can ruin your whole life, even when you're off the road -- and the damage done to your car is the least of your problems. The forces encountered in even a low-speed "fender bender" can throw your body out of alignment, causing severe injuries to your neck, back, and other areas. Auto accident injuries require prompt attention before they have a chance to heal improperly, causing you even more pain and loss of function. At Dr. Martin’s office, he can identify your bodily injuries and administer safe, effective, non-surgical, drug-free treatments to get you back on track.

The Many Ways an Auto Accident Can Hurt You

Any time an object as heavy as a car or truck comes to a sudden stop, even from just 5 miles per hour or less, the force it transfers to those inside the car can be significant. The parts of your body secured by your safety restraint will remain where they are, while the unrestrained parts may go flying in all directions. This is what happens in whiplash, a common injury syndrome that occurs in the neck. The rapid backward and forward motion of the head in an impact severely strains the neck muscles, dislocates the cervical vertebrae, and can also cause disc herniations that pinch the nerve tissues in the neck.
Even the parts of your body that are retrained may suffer serious damage in an auto accident injury. The unequal restraint of a three-point harness may allow your spine to twist until tissues tear and joints lose their position. In the lower back, sharp impacts can cause lumbar subluxation and disc herniation, leaving you not only with a backache but also with sciatica in the legs or feet.

Auto Injury Treatment Available

If your symptoms are delayed (as often is the case) following your car accident, you may go weeks or months before realizing you have a problem -- and during that time, the body has laid down scar tissue that preserves and worsens your condition instead of correcting it. Dr. Martin and his therapists are highly trained and very experienced in helping patients overcome painful auto accident injuries that cause strained muscles/sprained ligaments and spinal misalignments (subluxation) of the spine.  Then we can restore your comfort and function through:

  • Chiropractic care to bring your joints back into alignment and relieve nerve irritation.
  • Massage and Rapid Release Therapy to speed healing, break up scar tissue, and ease pain/inflammation.
  • Neuromuscular re-education techniques to restore and reinforce natural movement patterns.
  • State of the art, class IV cold laser therapy to decreases pain, inflammation and swelling without drugs and jump-start the regeneration of injured soft tissues.
  • We can combine any of these therapies into a personalized care program that suits your individual body and condition perfectly.

We can combine any of these therapies into a personalized care program that suits your individual body and condition perfectly.

  If you were injured in a car accident,
Dr. Martin may accept an auto accident or personal injury lien
with select reputable attorneys (please discuss with Dr. Martin)

Consult Dr. Martin’s Local Irvine Chiropractic Office

If your car gets wrecked, you naturally put it in the shop for repairs -- so give your own body the same consideration. You are encouraged to bring your x-rays that were taken at the hospital/medical doctor for a second opinion or have new digital x-rays taken here. Call Dr. Gary Martin at (949) 559-7999 to schedule an immediate evaluation and get the all-natural musculoskeletal "repairs" you so urgently need!

Dr. Gary Martin, Irvine Chiropractor 
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